No Baby Blisters

No Baby Blisters
No Baby Blisters
GoFundMe Charity : Aug 20, 2018
Tax ID: 82-2743807
BASED: Colorado Springs, CO, United States


Hug's Shouldn't Hurt

To save EB babies from blisters, skin loss, extreme pain, and death.

EB (Epidermolysis bullosa) is a genetic blistering skin disease that causes a baby’s skin to blister and peel off, creating extreme pain and, in its most severe forms, leading to death. EB is caused by a genetic mutation that creates a very weak bond between the baby’s skin layers in the epidermis and dermis. Friction, pressure, and heat on the skin causes blisters and skin loss. Even a hug from mom or dad can cause life-threatening blisters and skin loss, and extreme pain that can’t be controlled even with our best medicines. EB affects both genders and ethnicities equally so it is a global, neglected problem.

Tax ID: 82-2743807 •


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